Local Directory

Municipal Local Directory

Municipal Accounting OfficeLocal Ext: 2228

Trunk Line 798-0604
2nd Floor Citizen Charter or, Municipal AnnexCitizen Charter
Municipal Agriculture OfficeLocal Ext: 2474Pagala, Baliwag Bulacan Citizen Charter
Municipal Assessor’s OfficeLocal Ext: 5071st Floor Municipal Building Citizen Charter
Business Permit and Licensing OfficeLocal Ext: 27561st Floor Municipal BuildingCitizen Charter
Baliwag Polytechnic College(044) 802-6795 Local Ext: 102
BMG Building, Poblacion, Baliwag Bulacan Citizen Charter
Baliwag Traffic and Management OfficeLocal Ext: 2866Glorieta Park, Poblacion Baliwag BulacanCitizen Charter
Municipal Budget OfficeLocal Ext: 5042nd Floor Municipal BuildingCitizen Charter
Community and Barangay Affairs Office798 - 0391 Local Ext: 226
1ST Floor Annex BuildingCitizen Charter
Municipal Engineering OfficeLocal Ext: 36471st Floor Municipal BuildingCitizen Charter
Municipal General Service OfficeLocal Ext: 476
Ground floor Municipal building Citizen Charter
Human Resource Management OfficeLocal Ext: 47663rd Floor Municipal BuildingCitizen Charter
Municipal Legal Office2nd Floor Municipal Annex BuildingCitizen Charter
Municipal Administrator OfficeLocal Ext: 505
2nd Floor Municipal BuildingCitizen Charter
Municipal Public Market Office2nd Floor Baliwag Shopping ComplexCitizen Charter
Mayor OfficeLocal Ext: 5002nd Floor Municipal BuildingCitizen Charter
Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management OfficeLocal Ext: 7827Baliwag Star ArenaCitizen Charter
Municipal Economic and Enterprise Management Office767 – 70192nd Floor Municipa Annex BuildingCitizen Charter
Municipal Environment and Natural Resources OfficeLocal Ext: 3676Farmers Trading CenterCitizen Charter
Municipal Health OfficeLocal Ext: 7481Municipal CompoundCitizen Charter
Municipal Information and Communication Technology OfficeTrunk Line 798 – 0391
Local Ext: 8080
3rd Floor Municipal BuildingCitizen Charter
Municipal Motorpool Office(0922) – 514 – 1911Baliwag Star ArenaCitizen Charter
Municipal Planning and Development OfficeLocal Ext: 6732Ground Floor, Municipal BuildingCitizen Charter
Municipal Social Welfare and Development OfficeLocal Ext: 6793Ground Floor, Municipal Annex BuildingCitizen Charter
Nutrition and Population OfficeLocal Ext: 76783rd Floor Municipal BuildingCitizen Charter
Public Assistant and Complaint Center0917 – 505 (STAR) – 7827
Local Ext: 7222
Baliwag Star ArenaCitizen Charter
Public Employment Service OfficeLocal Ext: 7376Baliwag Star Arena Building Citizen Charter
Public Information OfficeLocal Ext: 7463rd Floor, Municipal Building Citizen Charter
Baliwag Municipal Police StationBaliwag Municipal GroundCitizen Charter
Archive and Records OfficeLocal Ext: 502
2nd Floor Mayor’s Operation CenterCitizen Charter
Local Civil Registrar OfficeLocal Ext: 5271st Floor, Municipal Annex Building Citizen Charter
Sangguniang Bayan3rd Floor, Municipal Building Citizen Charter
Sport Development OfficeLocal Ext: 7376Star Arena Building Citizen Charter
Municipal Tourism OfficeTrunk Line 766-1402Old Municipal BuildingCitizen Charter
Munipal Treasurer’s OfficeLocal Ext: 504
1st Floor, Municipal BuildingCitizen Charter
Baliwag Investment Promotions Unit (BIPU)Local Ext: 478Annex building

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