Kwentuhang Kultura at Kasaysayan

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November 2, 2016 –Mayor Ferdie joins various history enthusiasts as they tackle points of considerations regarding some sites in Baliwag that could be enacted as a national heritage in a coffee table discussion entitled Kwentuhang Kultura at Kasaysayan.

Members from various groups such as PASABAKA (Pangkat Saliksik ng Kasaysayan ng Baliwag), SAMPAKA (SAmahang PangKasaysayan), BHA (Baliwag Historical Association), Baliwag Tourism Council, History Professors, Bloggers and Local Government Officials attended the coffee table talk to discuss the heritage of Baliwag. The said discussion is intended to seek opinions and recommendations of different sites in Baliwag that can be added to National Heritage listings.

Some of the famous landmarks are; St. Augustine Parish Church, Baliwag Clock Tower, Old Municipal Building, Old House of Mariano Ponce and other old houses located within the municipality. These landmarks are considered based on its recorded contribution in Baliwag History.

Alongside with the consideration of landmarks to be listed in the as national heritage, the panel also discussed various people acclaimed and renowned with their major contribution in nurturing the rich history that lies beneath the town bounds.

The panel discussed prior to their individual research about certain historic notes of Baliwag from its architectural aspects down to folklore’s stories of latter day heroes in Baliwag. Some reference materials such as the 1st and the 2nd volumes of Baliwag Then and Now are also used during the discussion.

As an avid fan of the commendable history of his town, Mayor Ferdie encouraged everyone to construct valuable actions and recommendations that will cater higher regards to Baliwag history. Mayor FVE also looks forward of publishing another volume of Baliwag Then and Now –a book dedicated to tell the history of Baliwag through different walks of ages. 

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