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The rich culture of Baliwag waves hand of welcome to most tourist from other towns and countries. The colorful festivals held in Baliwag and the artistic engineering of the churches in town receives hundreds of fascinations. In addition, with these magnificent picture perfect views, the Baliwag Clock Tower also stood amidst the busy town of Baliwag welcoming everyone as they stop over the place. Noted with its Baroque design of architecture, St. Augustine Parish Church is Baliwag’s prime church named after the town’s patron St. Augustine that is locally known as Tata Usting. The church is founded in between 1769-1774 but is tormented by an earthquake in 1863. The church is reconstructed into its now beauty in 1880 by catholic patriots and devotees in Baliwag. The church is famous with its gigantic bell tower that rungs to call the attention of the townsmen of the mass that is about to happen. Now, the Baliwag Church has served more than hundreds of weddings and baptisms as well as final bid of goodbye during funeral masses. As a town populated by mostly catholic devotees, Baliwag also have more than handful of churches and quasi parishes located in every barangay one of which is the Mt. Carmel Church located in Sabang. The church is famous of its marble and bricks ensembles that seems to mimic some castle like ambiance. The iconic Iglesia ni Cristo Church for the Iglesia devotees of the town is also a remarkable piece of art visited in the town of Baliwag. More than churches, Baliwag still remains to cast wide range of tourist attraction such as the Old Municipal Building that now serves as a Museum of Cultural Heritage. It is also opened as a public library with thousands of books to choose from different genres of choice. The Greenery Baliwag is one of a Tagaytay like ambiance famous among event place seekers. The place is distinguished by its light house that creates vivid views of picture perfect sunset. La Jardin and The Venue is also a famous place where most events, birthdays, and other special occasions are catered. The annual fiestas held in every barangay of Baliwag is one of the main reason of most foreign and local tourists that visits Baliwag every now and then. The festive celebration of townsmen despite tight budgeting proves how Baliwagenyos stand the trials they’ve been through as the year pass by. The colors of Baliwag tourism is a living painting of its colorful heritage. It is a picturesque that draws the cheerfulness and resilience of Baliwagenyos through the test of time.