Baliwag strengthens resolve to protect children, moves to update Children’s code


A workshop among the members of the Local Council for the Protection of Children was held last December 8, 2016 at the Conference Room of the Municipal Annex Building.

It aimed primarily to develop a plan that will focus on maternal care, nutrition, education and protection for children, child safety in community and children in disasters. The council will further develop the Local Development Plan for Children, Local Investment Plan for Children, Local Legal Code for Children and Local Annual State of the Children Report.

Dr. Alicia S. Bustos-Orosa was invited as a resource person. A renowned child educator, she shared her knowledge on child rearing and gave further inputs as well. She emphasized mainly about the importance of good early childhood care program and in having Parent Effectiveness Seminar in order to address issues concerning families.

The current Children’s Code being used was passed way back 2006 thru the initiative of then Coun. Enrique “Buko” Dela Cruz. The council now aims to amend it in line with the advocacy of Mayor Ferdie in making the town of Baliwag a child friendly society.

adminBaliwag strengthens resolve to protect children, moves to update Children’s code


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  • Andrew Caranzo - reply


    Good Day!

    May I ask what are the existing ordinances and resolutions in Bulacan that covers the protection of children? This is for research purposes.


  • Baliwag Public Assistance - reply

    Good day.
    Yes we have existing ordinances and resolutions that cover protection of children in Bulacan. There are specific Executive Orders, councils, etc. per city or municipality.

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