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After series of public consultations, Baliwag has come up with its OFFICIAL FARE MATRIX agreed and signed by Baliwag Traffic Management Office (BTMO), Business Permit and Licensing Office (BPLO) and Presidents of each Tricycle Drivers and Operators Association (TODA) in Baliwag. The issuance of this Official Fare Matrix is intended to resolve common misunderstanding among tricycle drivers and commuters by setting standard average fare for each ride from their terminal to another point.

Official Fare Matrix for Each TODA in Baliwag

Travelling around with ease and comfort is the prime consideration of people living in Baliwag. Transport terminals located everywhere created giant waves of advancement that bridges city living to the townsmen of Baliwag. The Baliwag Local Authorities constant development is┬áexerting utmost efforts in giving best public services, most especially in transportation that bears numerous transport terminals that brings people from one point to another. The transport stations within the municipality are easily accessed through thousands of tricycle services roaming around 24/7. In accordance, Public Utility Vehicles such as jeepneys, city buses, and UV Express are available every time whether on the SM City BaliwagÔÇÖs Central Terminal or on the Terminals in the Public Market. These terminals have different types of PUVÔÇÖs the can bestowed transport to its passengers. Travelling in Baliwag is also faster as the place is located near NLEX through bypasses. Looking upon the fare side, travelling in Baliwag is also a way much cheaper due to terminal to terminal system that links one city bus to metropolitan bus stations. Throughout the years, Baliwag has advance in its transportation capabilities as it reaches out and defy boundaries not only to its neighboring towns but to other provinces as well. The success in transportation of the city encloses further growth and better opportunities that will be looked upon in the upcoming days.

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