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The emergence of technology in this millennial era leaped decades away from the old-school black and white scripture that tells story of what has been laid before our existence. The new lines of high-end gadgets and social media trends have attracted more and more populists from the young generation resulting decline on their awareness about the historical value of their homeland. Baliwag as a town populated with majority of millennials set a foot forward in reminiscing the past and preserving it for the future generations. Keeping in mind the essence of the past in the development of oneÔÇÖs future, Baliwag valued its culture and heritage as it looks forward on advancement in modern living. Pangkat Saliksik ng Kasaysayan ng Baliwag otherwise known as PASAKABA is a non-profit, non-government organization that takes the initiative of preserving the townÔÇÖs rich culture and heritage. The organization together with the local tourism office takes charge in fostering care to different historic pieces and landmarks of the town. Many historic ÔÇ£firstsÔÇØ were held in Baliwag such as the first ever local election in the country under the American regime happened in Baliwag way back in May 7 1899 supervised by US General Henry W. Lawton. The first ever self-supporting clock tower in Bulacan is also situated in Baliwag ÔÇô the Baliwag Clock Tower which was built during the rule of former Mayor Rolando Salvador. Now, the victorious Glorietta Park is the first ever GoWiFi Park powered by Globe Telecom among local government units in Bulacan. The town is known for its very festive menu of local foods such as Menudong Bukid, Kalahi Pastillas, Meaty Longanisa, and freshly cooked Okoy. Baliwag Lechon Manok┬áis also a town’s pride that has lingered all over Luzon and Metro Manila. The usual night market of long line of carts selling street foods tantalizes local and foreign foodies. The sound of a whistling Puto Bumbong and Bibingka symbolizes the approaching Christmas season in Baliwag. Colorful festivals signifies the vivid traditions and customs of Baliwagenyos. The hardworking female weavers of Buntal Hat in Baliwag are given honor in the annual celebration of Buntal Hat Festival. The increase in the yearly number of participants in the Holy Week Processions held in Baliwag every Good Friday fascinates many audience from all over the town and adjacent towns as carrozas with human-size replicas of characters and scenes from the Holy Bible parades during the night. These carrozas are owned and maintained by families of catholic devotees who are noted for their deep patronage in the life of Jesus. Moreover, the Christmas season in Baliwag is celebrated with annual street dance competition of local schools through their Paskong Kalye that showcased the creativity of Baliwag youths in constructing colorful costumes from recycled materials and their remarkable dancing talent. Baliwag as a whole, is a town of rich culture and heritage. It’s cultural value is more than that of any treasure that would bestowed greater opportunities for the next generation. The town homes for deep seated historical events nurtured and dedicated to what it is now –a town of deep foundation built for the further victories ahead.

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