A small gesture of a traffic enforcer

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One of the immense service is by helping others. An act of good deed by a baliwagenyo named Michael Mendoza is a salute to everyone. He is a traffic enforcer and a driver of the, “Libreng sakay”. February 20, 2017 during the flag ceremony, he was awarded by Mayor Ferdinand V. Estrella with a certificate of appreciation.

It was a sunny day and did his usual work. He suddenly noticed a bag left at the passenger seat, opened it and inside was money amounting to P50,000.00 cash. Shocked from what he saw, he reported it immediately. He did not think twice for what he did because he knows everyone needs it but choosing to do the right is what makes us different from others, and he choose what is right. On the same day, it was returned and what a big relief from the person who left it.

It may be just a certificate but all knows and witnessed what he did. His simple act has a great impact to others to do the same. Mayor Ferdie always wanted a simple act of good deed be rewarded.

A simple act of kindness can be done by anyone but not all have the guts to do it right. We are tempted by the surroundings we live in and only the choices we choose build who we are as a baliwagenyo.

Karen GonzalesA small gesture of a traffic enforcer

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